Range Cookers

We are very experienced in the service and repair of a variety of range cookers including Aga, Rayburn, Alpha, Stanley, Sandyford, Esse and Heritage. We recommend that all boilers and cookers are serviced annually in keeping with the manufacturers instructions

Range Cooker Service

A typical range cooker service would include the following but obviously there are slight differences depending on whether the appliance is Gas or Oil

  • Visual inspection of oil tank position, quality of oil line, ventilation, fire valves, flue, filter and range positioning

  • Removal of hotplate and checking of ropes

  • Cleaning of the combustion chamber and removal of debris

  • Thermal linings are checked for integrity

  • Bolts are greased and hotplate is refitted

  • The burners are removed while checking the conditions of the oil lines

  • Cleaning of fan, blast tube, ignition probes and photocell

  • Fitting of new nozzle (oil only)

  • Refit the burner, adjustment of air and oil pressue to meet manufacturers requirements

  • Use analyser to fine tune the burner and optomize fuel efficiency

  • Check all the safety controls

  • Wipe down the range cooker and leave it in a spotless condition