Caring for your Aga or Rayburn

As with many domestic appliances, an Aga requires routine servicing and maintenance to ensure it continues to operate safely and efficiently.

Gas-fired Agas normally require an annual service, whilst the Electric models should have a safety check and inspection carried out each year.

Oil-fired Aga should be serviced at six monthly intervals. 3 oven and diesel models may extend to 12 months.

Solid fuel models require their internal flue-ways to be cleaned monthly, with a six- monthly sweeping of the connecting flue pipe. The main chimney should be swept annually. Although some of these operations may easily be performed by the owner, we would also suggest that an Aga engineer carry out a periodic full service.

Electric Models: 30 amp may be checked annually by a competent engineer for electrical safety and operation. 13 amp models should be serviced at 5 year intervals.

When arranging a service maintenance visit, your engineer will require the Aga to be cool, so please ensure that it is turned off the night before. A hot cooker cannot be safely serviced.

During a service some of the following actions will be carried out, dependent on model and fuel type.

  • Check operation of all functional controls and components.

  • Test safety devices.

  • Confirm correct fuel rates (oil) and gas pressures.

  • Clean burners and internal flue-ways.

  • Inspect/Replace rope seals and gaskets.

  • Adjust operation of insulating lids and doors.

  • Verify level and if necessary top up insulation.

  • Visual safety check of oil line and storage tank.

  • Check for gas soundness.

  • Check integrity and safety of electrical connections and insulation.

  • Ensure flue system and ventilation is correct.

  • Clean circulation and/or oven venting fans.

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