LPG Central Heating

At Swann Plumbing we are proud to hold the qualification for working on LPG. not all gas engineers can do this (ask to see the GAS SAFE card, all info is held on the reverse).

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is used in areas where natural gas is not available. In the past, LPG boilers had to be specially ordered because of the changes needed to the gas valves. Due to advances in technology and commercial factors, most boilers set up for natural gas can be converted to LPG.

Once converted the LPG boiler works with exactly the same parts as a natural gas unit. Spares therefore cost no more than for a natural gas unit. LPG has special requirements that need addressing with regard to gas storage, whether it be mobile cylinders or a static cylinder/tank.

As a Gas LPG falls rather than rises when released (gas leak). if you have LPG it is always advisable to inform your electrician. he /she can then raise your sockets if they are low to the skirting boards near the gas appliance.

If you suspect a gas leak and you cant get hold of your heating engineer then call the Emergency Gas Hot-line FREE on: 0800 111 999 (24hrs a day 365 days a year)

The costs of carrying out work on LPG appliances is slightly higher than natural gas as it is a specialist area of gas and additional training and qualifications are needed.

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Power flushing

Power Flushing is when heating systems are forcibly cleansed with aggressive chemicals using water at high velocity.

Radiators cold at the bottom or centre?

Radiators not heating at all?

Is your boiler banging or noisy?

Boiler cutting out due to sludge in pumps?

It takes a long time for radiators to heat up?

If the answer is YES then your system probably needs a power flush call us to find out more.