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PHAM news front page!

Who'd have thought our little blog would get a mention on the front page of PHAM news. The news of Tesco entering the domestic boiler market should send shock waves through the industry. As a business they are very very successful and the way they run their business is a world away from the small family firms that provide this service at the moment. I'm not keen on the spread of Tesco or any other major supermarket as I see it as the death of the independent shops/businesses.

Worcester, who have no direct relationship with Tesco, will obviously welcome the initial monopoly. It's not everyday the biggest supermarket in the land endorses your products (most of which are good). I don't think that Tesco are in it for the greener cleaner more efficient heating systems for peoples homes aspect. I think they are in it for volume sales and the possibility of financing any credit needed. Worcester will get volume sales and exposure. The ultimate cost of this link up will become apparent in the coming months and years.



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