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Intergas HRE Boiler

Most boiler companies have chosen to buy in 'Giannoni' heat exchangers (that strange Italian named French Company!) with the notable exceptions of Viessmann (who make their own which is the best cylindrical heat exchanger) and Worcester (who still use Aluminium with added silica).

'Intergas', The Dutch boiler manufacturer chose a totally different route. They chose to enclose copper pipes within an aluminium shell. This creates a very very good boiler on a par with Viessmann despite the different approach.

Viessmann use a cylidrical stainless steel heat exchanger which is highly resistant to corrosion and is made in-house in Allendorf, Germany by forming one complete piece of stainless into a cylinder which means that there are only 2 joins, 1 is the flow and the other is the return. The rest use a Giannoni which is a manifold based heat exchanger which means lots of joins and failures are well known.

Aluminium is not compatible with a copper piped heating system. Worcester overcame this by adding silica to the mix which slows the erosion by the corrosive water. It worked well (despite not being the best material) and it is rare for a Worcester to have a heat exchanger fail.

Intergas HRE is the best of both worlds. It has copper pipes for the water to travel through which are cased in aluminium. The aluminium never touches the heating circuit water and the copper never touches the flue gases. Therefore neither can corrode. They also have the enviable reputation of NEVER HAVING HAD A HEAT EXCHANGER FAILURE! (Viessmann don't even have this and they are light years ahead of the direct competition).

After building a brilliant heat exchanger, 'Intergas' then went on to alter the component list of the combination boiler. The main failures in combination boilers can be narrowed down to Air pressure switch, Diaphragm, Diverter valve & Plate heat exchanger (especially the Plate and Diverter valve). The 'Intergas HRE' does not have these components! The boiler cannot fail from these components, as they as omitted, this therefore increases reliability to a level where 90% of boiler companies can only dream.

So 'Intergas' removed the failing parts, designed a brilliant heat exchanger and to make things even better this is one of the only boilers to condense in both hot water and heating with very little in the way of heating loses.

The 'Intergas' has a couple of features which also blow the competition away. The first is a built in clock which has a numerous features which means the installer only has to a room Stat to tick the benchmark checklist. The second feature is totally brilliant. The pressure gauge sensor is only there to confirm the pressure for the display, not as a safety for the boiler on low water content. You may not think this is a big deal but imagine an older house where the heating system is 'dubious' and shouldn't be a sealed system under any circumstance but the owner wants mains pressure hot water. Due to the twin pass heat exchanger the 'HRE' boiler can run high and low pressure circuits through the one boiler. that 'Combi' style hot water and gravity heating. No other boiler is capable of this unique feat.

A Brilliant Boiler. Despite the looks and the name it is a real gem.

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