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ErP event last night – Law by september 2015

The ErP rules are coming in. They mean that heating appliances must be rated and calculated in order that the national measurement office can calculate just how efficient the nations heating/hot water is becoming (probably to offset the fact that we will have to build nuclear power stations as we haven't invested in alternative power forms in the time we had) in order to calculate national efficiency/ carbon savings.

ErP labels state the efficiency of the appliance such as a-rated,b,c,d...etc just like on a TV or a Fridge. Heating engineers will have to add appliance calculations together in order to create a 'Fische' which will reside with the home-owner presumably until the sale of the home (if ever).

The big trade suppliers such as Wolseley  (plumbcenter) are telling installers that this is an opportunity to increase savings for customers and make money at the same time. Unfortunately Wolseley don't live in the real world. In my fantasy plumbing world, I can make everyone have a A-rated boiler, efficient controls, new radiators, home insulation and other energy saving devices. Sadly most customers don't actually take that much notice of their boiler (a shock to wolseley!) and 50% of (new) customers request a service when the boiler has gone into a fault state! A fault state is a time for a 'Repair' not a 'Service'. A service is a 'maintenance schedule' delivered to a working appliance. More importantly though, this call is possibly the first time that, the customer has noticed that appliance in a long time.

A large proportion of People generally just want a cheap, reliable and efficient boiler that gets fitted and forgotten. The ErP seminar would suggest that most customers are actively seeking to make efficiency savings. They are not. If they were, then 8 million UK homes that don't have room thermostats would change that over night (saving themselves £120pa) and would be actively saving for an A-rated boiler.

Unfortunately, boilers are not TV sets and are not a priority for many people, it is something in a white box that hangs in the corner of a room or lives in a cupboard in the kitchen. Only boiler engineers ogle boilers and ooh at the bits and bobs, for a lot of customers it could be magic that the radiators heat up or the taps get hot, and only when the magic fails do they find the boiler!

'It wasn't magic! We didn't pay attention to it, We didn't look after it! let's get it serviced!!!'

ErP is good but it isn't the opportunity that the sellers of products would have us believe.

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