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Boilers in a Cupboard cost 25% More to Repair.

A boiler fitted inside a cupboard will on average take 25% more time to repair. Our repair times are lowered by cupboards. This doesn't take into account kitchen cupboards and combo boilers. Boilers and cupboards are not best friends. They bring together two trades who are odds with each other, The heating engineer - concerned with access & safety and the kitchen fitter - concerned with aimlessly following the kitchen plan given to them by magnet, howdens, b&q ...

More and more boiler manufacturers understand that British (vast majority) customers want to hide the 'engine' of the house inside a smaller and smaller enclosure. Therefore many boilers have become 'front access' in order to accommodate this trend. However many older boilers are adversely affected by being inside a cupboard. Potterton, Baxi, Alpha, Vokera, old Vaillant, old Worcester etc hate being inside cupboards. They need space around them in order to repair and therefore they cost 20-30% more to repair due to their location. Heating engineers need space to work. The boiler is the heart of a home and should therefore have an adequate space allocation.

We know heating engineers who offers a 10% discount for a boiler repair to a boiler that isn't fitted inside a cupboard. I can fully understand this, as I recently went to a Worcester boiler service where I had to remove 2 cupboards in order to remove the boiler cover and access the boiler. So not good!

Points are awarded for a free range boiler, : D

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