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Beware of your Solicitor!

When moving home, Solicitors are mean't to make sure that all of the sellers paperwork is in order before they act on your behalf to secure a sale. In most cases this theory works well.

However since 2005 Gas boilers have needed the 'Benchmark' document completed and a notification made via Corgi and now Gas Safe Register. Without these documents a Gas boiler has no installation history and more importantly, has no record of a competent person commissioning the appliance.

No appliance can legally be left connected to the gas supply unless it has been commissioned. This is why the 'benchmark' document is so important, as it is evidence of commissioning. Without this document, the gas boiler has to be removed from the gas supply either with or without the home-owners consent. We are seeing more and more boilers slip past solicitors who haven't checked sufficiently. This leaves the owner of the home (who hasn't fitted the boiler), penalised for the ineptitude of the solicitor and the illegal work endorsed by the previous home-owner.

When buying a house that has a condensing gas boiler, always ask your solicitor for copies of the 'Benchmark' and 'The Building control notification'.

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