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ATAG Boilers Whitstable- Customer feedback

Our customers who have chosen Atag iC boilers have seen a decent reduction in their gas bills and have been quick to review the new boiler. The last 5 boilers were fitted in Whitstable, Canterbury and Ramsgate.
These customers have remarked on the boilers noise level 'being very quiet indeed' and how pleased they are with how the boiler responds to hot water demands (very Quick). All iC range combi boilers come with a 'weather compensation sensor' as standard unlike many other manufacturers. If fitted, this sensor can increase gas savings of 25% by an additional 15%.
Customers have remarked on how well the Atag has integrated their chosen controls whether Atag or not. Whilst the Atag ONE controller is possibly the best controller on the market, customers chose what they suits them best and this way the boiler integrates easier into the home and caused fewer or no problems. 2 of the last 5 boilers have One controllers allowing faults and notifications to be displayed on the controller for home owner remedy and at the same time emailed to the installer to notify them of the fault. We have no faults on any Atag boiler at present and only know how this system works as a result of setting up a fault on a top of the range 'Economiser' boiler.
Simply put, The customers are very happy with their choice of boiler with its great build quality and excellent backup service, not to mention its 'Lifetime Guarantee' (on Heat exchanger) - no other manufacturer offers this guarantee. We are so happy with these boilers, build, quality and performance that we are asking our customers to review them 'honestly' on #trustpilot

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