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ATAG boilers in new move that supports Gas engineers.

Atag boilers are best known in the UK for their specialist boiler applications and very clever technology. The Dutch brand have had a small but faithful installer base. Their latest boilers are less cumbersome and more suited to UK homes. They have been specifically designed for the UK market and the idea of a cupboard fit. With this they intend to increase their installer network and interest in the product. The product is good, very good and the boilers are some of the most efficient on the market.
The energy saving trust say 'ATAG compact boilers are the most energy efficient in Europe and can significantly reduce your energy bills by up to £570 a year'. Atag are also offering a 'lifetime replacement guarantee on the iCon heat exchanger. With all parts made from A-grade materials there are no cheap, poor quality parts on the product.
With the arrival of new products came a change in policy aswell. Atag previously supplied installers as well as trade suppliers. The major change is that Atag now only supply their boilers to Gas Safe Registered installers. That's correct, not the public, not plumbers & not builders. Whilst i'm not entirely sure how clever a move it is to cut the trade suppliers out of the equation, it is a brilliant move to insist that only Gas Safe registered engineers may purchase their boilers.
Gas engineers in the UK have always moaned about the amount of training and insurance they have to undertake and yet are undercut by illegal installers and the internet. Now we have a brand that won't sell to people who undercut us. In a strange way this move actually gives some kudos and teeth to being a GSR engineer. If all boiler manufacturers did this then we'd have a sustainable industry which would have the potential to employ many more apprentices than it already does.
Gas engineers have always wanted this level of protection. The Govt and Gas Safe register have done nothing to stop the rot in the industry. It is not illegal to sell a gas boiler to the non-qualified but it is illegal for the non-qualified to work on a gas appliance. Atag are doing their bit to cut the nonsense out of the equation.
Well Done Atag.

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