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Viessmann Solar Vitosol 200 in Whitstable

We recently completed another installation of the Vitosol 200 evacuated tube colletor system. I really like both the Viessmann & Vallant systems. The Viessmann pack comes complete with everything you need in order to install this system in an ideal space. If you however have to site the expansion vessel in another position then more fittings are needed (minimal). Any deviation from the norm on the Viessmann system means either using extra Dn solar pipe & connectors or copper. If using copper it is necessary to use pipe inserts (just like on plastic systems) however they have to be brass and it is worth noting that although the suppliers can get them, they will not have them in stock.

The Viessmann system is an o-ring and clamp system (pipe joins) and works well despite the uneasy feeling when you have to put your first one in (due to fear!). Once the pump station and pipework have been run then it is simply a case of filling up. The Viessmann solar set uses surprising little Tyfocor as the tube manifold is a low volume header. The tubes are sealed units and don't get filled by the installer. The energy gained from this system has to be seen to be believed. After just 5mins we had enough temperature coming from the tubes to start making in roads into the cold cylinder.

If this system is connected to a Viessmann 242f boiler then you will get the added advantage of being able to see a display of temperatures and kwh made. The 242f boiler is like no other. Only Atag have a comparable product (Which is soon to be removed from the UK market). The vitosol 200 solar system is worth every penny. The technical support if needed is also as good as you would expect from a company like Viessmann.

Once up and running. the system is like any other for maintenance purposes. An annual check on Tyfocor quality is needed and quick visual check on the components. Being fitted in Whitstable means that these solar systems will benefit from our local climate, where the skies often cloud over but being costal they are cleared as soon as they arrive due to sea breezes. We therefore have one of the sunniest patches in the UK.

Overall and excellent system at a good price.