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Product rating

We recently installed a 'Joule' Un-vented Solar Cylinder. Having never fitted a Joule before we didn't know what to expect. It turned out to be one of the best un-vented cylinders we've ever installed, and we've fitted a few (100+).

People ask for a 'Megaflo', just as people ask for a 'Hoover'! Sadly neither of those brands are the best in their field and the unpopular brads actually supply a better product (not to mention that they are cheaper aswell! Cheap normally doesn't mean good, but as installers we know what goes wrong and what doesn't). The joule cylinder is on a par with the Ariston Primo stainless steel cylinder, which with marketing aside is in our view the best un-vented cylinder on the market. Ariston boilers may not be fantastic but their Cylinders are brilliant! Joule have produced a viable rival with the added bonus of including Solar units, heat pump units, twin coil & triple coil to the mix.