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Worcester Bosch poor start to 2012

Worcester Bosch boilers made the decision to align themselves with Tesco, the supermarket/grocer in 2011. This move has illustrated the poor business planning of the Worcester bosch group. initially the prices are high but as with most Supermarket tie-ins, the prices may drop radically over the years and ultimately Worcester may become a sad shadow of its former self. Tesco may be able to provide volume sales for Worcester, but they may find themselves being told how much Tesco are willing to pay for the units rather than Worcester dictating price.

This seems a huge departure from the German business model from which they were formed. Worcester have obviously suffered because of the economic downturn as have most manufacturing companies. Sadly with this move they have alienated many Heating engineers and Suppliers (Plumbase/Plumbcenter/PTS/Grahams). Their attitude towards the industry has always been an arrogant one, partly due to their successful marketing (the weather on Itv) and image (people thinking they are Biritsh). The boilers didn't aways live up to the hype. In fact we rate Worcester as our 3rd place boiler brand (solely due to the CDI range, the only good one). The potential damage of this deal could mean a real struggle for SME's and family businesses all over the country.

We will no longer actively promote Worcester Bosch Gas boilers to our customers. I feel very sorry for the employees, especially the Technical support line at Worcester bosch. They are some of the best in the industry and i'm sure they won't like wearing Tesco uniforms to work or asking if you've got a Clubcard!

Good Bye Worcester.

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  1. i totally agree with the above comment,i also an acreddited installer have deciced that although i am a true fan of worcester i am moving to the vaillant brand,i feel worcester have stabbed all the wai in the back we were the guys that built the company,i do feel this will be the downfall of worcester when tescos turn the screw then as all the farmers and manufacturers who sell to tescos have found,they set the prices not you.i never would have looked else where but now i have i can not believe how much better the vaillant is,worcester needs to look at the product not worry about becoming shop keepers

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