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Oil Boilers

Our oil boiler knowledge is the thing that started our small company. It is also the thing held most dear. Oil boilers if well kept and maintained are not the smelly things of old! They are now high efficiency Condensing boilers that happen to burn oil not Gas.

The problem with oil boilers is, their shear weight! because of this factor, the cost of installing an oil boiler can mount up, for example if you were to put one in a basement you may need 4-5 people to move it. The worcester danesmoor boiler can weigh 280kg or more (thats roughly 1/4 of a tonne down some stairs into a basement). The labour cost can be big. however most oil boilers are not huge but simply a bit heavy. The upside of an oil boiler is that is has the potential to last 20yrs+ (we have serviced boilers that are 40yrs+), a high quality modern gas boiler wil last 15-25yrs at most (a cheap one maybe 5yrs!).

we recommend 3 boiler brands at the moment with a 4th still under review (firebird) but looking good. in no particular order the 3 best ones are:

1. worcester bosch (excellent build quality and customer care)

2. Grant (Devize's based boiler manufacturer with a brilliant reputation for quality and reliability)

3. TR engineering (formerly 'Trianco' (sheffield) one of the oldest and best names in the business)

All the above companies boilers can be supplied to fit internally in kitchens, utility rooms & garages or alternatively outside. Yes thats correct, oil boilers can be located outside as well. The external boilers reduce the odour if there was ever a leak and also lower the noise levels for the homeowner. All oil boilers whether inside or out must have a fire valve fitted with a remote sensor, failure to do so will render your home insurance nul and void should a fire occur. There is only one way to have an oil boiler fitted - that is by a trained and competent engineer. For the oil industry this is in the form of an OFTEC registered Engineer. OFTEC is the correct and legal way of having an oil boiler installed. By an engineer who will put safety before profit and install the boiler to the latest regulations and not leave the householder at risk. Most home insurance documents now insist on any oil work carried out to an appliance must be by a competant person (OFTEC registered engineer only). Failure to have your Oil boiler commissioned by an OFTEC engineer will result in all home insurance policies removing cover until this has ben rectified. Be safe and ask for an ID card or check them against the OFTEC website atĀ

Check the I.D. card of the installer ...remember 'NO I.D. = NO IDEA'. stay safe.

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