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Boilers in a Cupboard cost 25% More to Repair.

A boiler fitted inside a cupboard will on average take 25% more time to repair. Our repair times are lowered by cupboards. This doesn't take into account kitchen cupboards and combo boilers. Boilers and cupboards are not best friends. They bring together two trades who are odds with each other, The heating engineer - concerned with access & safety and the kitchen fitter - concerned with aimlessly following the kitchen plan given to them by magnet, howdens, b&q ...

More and more boiler manufacturers understand that British (vast majority) customers want to hide the 'engine' of the house inside a smaller and smaller enclosure. Therefore many boilers have become 'front access' in order to accommodate this trend. However many older boilers are adversely affected by being inside a cupboard. Potterton, Baxi, Alpha, Vokera, old Vaillant, old Worcester etc hate being inside cupboards. They need space around them in order to repair and therefore they cost 20-30% more to repair due to their location. Heating engineers need space to work. The boiler is the heart of a home and should therefore have an adequate space allocation.

We know heating engineers who offers a 10% discount for a boiler repair to a boiler that isn't fitted inside a cupboard. I can fully understand this, as I recently went to a Worcester boiler service where I had to remove 2 cupboards in order to remove the boiler cover and access the boiler. So not good!

Points are awarded for a free range boiler, : D


Vaillant ecotec boilers – Whitstable

Vaillant boilers have been a favourite with the British for generations. As with Worcester boilers, the parts are largely made overseas and assembled at a Vaillant plant. Most of the British stock of Vaillant boilers are assembled in Belper, Derbyshire. Vaillant Group of Germany are one of the world leaders in heating technology and as such produce a very high quality offering.

The Vaillant ecotec has undergone a face lift over the last few years but has still held on to the quality and reliability of the older units. The 'ecotec' is the best boiler Vaillant have ever made and as such we have no hesitation fitting them because we know that once fitted, this boiler will have fantastic reliability that we can rely on.

The 'ecotec' boiler is Quality. It sits in the highest company alongside the likes of the Worcester Cdi (Classic), The Intergas HRE range, The Atag A-series and the Viessmann vitodens boiler range.

All boilers have a time when they fail. The Vaillant ecotec is one of the easiest boilers to repair, which makes it a brilliant long term boiler. They do cost 10% more initially to buy than the competition but what the customer gains from this brand is quicker repair times, easier repairs and quality (parts) components that generally complete the fix first time (no repeat visits as is the case for the likes of Broag Remeha, Alpha, Baxi etc).

We have fitted the entire range of ecotec boilers in whitstable over the years and to date they are all still going strong. We have also fitted the biggest units of the ecotec range in Devon. Customers who have left our area have asked if we would fit a boiler or two for them in their new home and it proved a temptation for us.

The ecotec range has a 'standard' & 'premium' range. The standard range is known as the 'Pro' range and has all of the components of the premium range minus the control interface and brass fittings (generalisation) whereas the 'Plus' range has more brass bodied components and has a more adaptable controller interface. Whilst the 'Pro' version is more plastic than brass, it is every bit as reliable as its more expensive stablemate.

We are so confident of the reliability of the Vaillant ecotec range that we offer it the same stature as the Viessmann boilers that we fit. If we fit a Vaillant ecotec in Whitstable or anywhere else within 10 miles of our base then we offer a 'no charge' - call out for the lifetime of that boiler. That means that if your guarantee is for 5yrs and the boilers breakdown in yr, then we will come free of charge and see what is wrong.

Vaillant made this boiler over many years and didnt copt it unlike ideal boilers and their 'vogue'. Whilst the vogue has an immense guarantee of 10yrs, we have heard of many many vogues failing and their quality is definitely not comparable.

Don't chose an imposter? buy the original and get a fantastic boiler installed by installers who understand the 'Vaillant' quality and ethos. Vaillant of Germany understand that a living wage is important and pay way way above that to their employees. Both women and men get the same wages at Vaillant if they are of the same pay grade (not like some in the uk?!), they are also employers who understand commitment. The average age (in 2013) of the worker at the solar and renewables plant was 48 and 45 at the Gas boiler factory.

These values mean something to us and we are proud to promote them without reward.  Long may it continue.

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