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The Best of 2012 (our opinion)

All the results below are based on our experience (fitting, repairing and servicing).

Magnetic Filters:
1st place: Magnaclean Pro
2nd place: Magnabooster3 by Spirotech
3rd Place: Magnaclean micro
Forget: TF1 from fernox

Best Gas Boilers
1st place: Viessmann 100 Series
2nd place: Vaillant ecotec plus series
3rd place: Ideal Logic plus
Forget: Anything sold in B&Q

Best Technical help
1st place: Worcester Bosch (very helpful)
2nd Place: Vaillant Priority line (very helpful)
3rd Place: Rayburn (very knowledgeable)
Forget: Ideal Boilers (useless and wanting to put the phone down)

Best instructions
1st place: Intergas Boilers (its colour coded!)
2nd place: Viessmann boilers
3rd place: SpiroTech MB3
Forget: Vaillant. The 'enlarged' sections of their diagrams are exactly the same size as the drawing they refer to!!!

NO English award:
Ideal boilers. On the jig for the logic plus you get two options for wall hanging. Masonry wall and 'NONE Masonry wall'! Things like that make us so proud to be British especially when the customer has bought what they deem to be a British boiler.

Best hi-tech
1st place: i-Cloud
2nd place: Gas safety checker phone App
3rd place: iphone (for the internet not the phone ability!)

Best oil Boiler
1st place: Trianco/TR engineering Euroflame
2nd place: Worcester Bosch Camray
3rd Place: Grant Ext boilers

Best Solar panels (hot water)
1st place: Solfex
2nd place: PVT from 'Newform Energy'
3rd place: Vaillant

Best unvented cylinders
1st place: Ariston
2nd place: joule (solar)
3rd place: Megaflo

Many have come close to making our list and sadly fallen at the last hurdle. These results are from our expeditions into the world of heating and hot water in the last year. Have faith in what you've fitted and if its looked after, it will probably last.

The last boiler install of this year will go to Viessmann (customer demand). Finally the customers are asking us for them rather than us as installers singing their praises. If a system is cleaned and protected then any boiler has a good chance of lasting a decade. We hope that Viessmann will last twice as long. My favourite boiler was the Vaillant 418, no nonsense and no fuss, just works from the off.

see you in 2013.

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