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Boiler scrappage scheme cons.

The government's boiler scrappage scheme hasn't been in existence for the last couple of years, yet certain companies with huge advertising budgets would have you believe that it still exists (to the detriment of all the honest trading companies). The government no longer give a £400 discount on new condensing boiler installs which replace band G & H boilers. It is all a great con. These companies are able to reduce the price of an install by £400 because they have over priced it (by approx £800) in the first place!

These big companies also get the boilers at half the price of the independent installers and at like for like are making twice the profit before you allow for creative marketing which gives customers the illusion that they are getting a fantastic deal. These deals are usually accompanied by a free contract or the claim of certain boiler care plans which are actually covered by the boiler manufacturer anyway (you are getting the same thing once but sold it twice!).

Always check the bottom line & double check the guarantees. The independent installers will always go close to the bone as they don't have call centres to man or a huge fleet to service (or even a hugely expensive advertising campaign to finance (by you!)).

Independent companies need to survive and therefore the best service, products and offers can only be gained from them. Big companies play on misconception of bad service from anyone other than a major company. The truth is that major and minor companies offer good and bad service. The best traders are vetted by the local trading standards teams and in kent, are promoted within the 'Buy with Confidence Scheme'. Don't fall for the gift of the gab, call the trusted traders (as vetted by Trading Standards).


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Testimonial – Derek, Hoath 12/11/12

'Simon, thank you for fixing the drip in the shower and for doing the extra job of the waste pipe outside. It's a breath of fresh air to meet a genuine tradesman and we'll certainly be using you for all our plumbing and heating issues and recommending you to anyone else who needs one.Once again thanks, Derek.


Testimonial – 02/11/12

'Thanks for a Great job' - Charlotte, Harbour St, Whitstable

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