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Tesco bosch recruitment

In the latest issue of HVP magazine, there is an article explaining how Tesco will staff the boiler installation business. Enact energy, (Tesco Heating? of the future?) are looking to recruit local heating companies and NOT local engineers.

They have outlined the criteria for entry into the Tesco installer scheme as a company which has a minimum of 5 GSR engineers (ideally), who are registered with that company and are NOT subcontractors. This entry criteria means that the vast majority of small family run heating companies will be excluded from the scheme and their livelihoods may become threatened by the likes of Tesco as they will become direct competition.

Sadly this company doesn't know when to stop. Food (which doesn't have a taste!), electrical, computers, games, toys, books, phones, homeware, soft funishings, cars (yes, cars!), newspapers, clothes, roofline products, loans, banking and now boilers!

Very sad that Worcester didn't think to support the installers whether approved or not, by refusing to allow their boilers to be used. They can still walk away from this and refuse to let their boilers be used by a company that could threaten an entire industry and the incomes of thousands of people. Families.




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