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Testimonial 19/02/12 Mr. D. Butler (via twitter)

'Excellent and friendly service from @swannplumbing in Whitstable.
Resurrected boiler saving me a packet. Highly recommended.'


Beware of your Solicitor!

When moving home, Solicitors are mean't to make sure that all of the sellers paperwork is in order before they act on your behalf to secure a sale. In most cases this theory works well.

However since 2005 Gas boilers have needed the 'Benchmark' document completed and a notification made via Corgi and now Gas Safe Register. Without these documents a Gas boiler has no installation history and more importantly, has no record of a competent person commissioning the appliance.

No appliance can legally be left connected to the gas supply unless it has been commissioned. This is why the 'benchmark' document is so important, as it is evidence of commissioning. Without this document, the gas boiler has to be removed from the gas supply either with or without the home-owners consent. We are seeing more and more boilers slip past solicitors who haven't checked sufficiently. This leaves the owner of the home (who hasn't fitted the boiler), penalised for the ineptitude of the solicitor and the illegal work endorsed by the previous home-owner.

When buying a house that has a condensing gas boiler, always ask your solicitor for copies of the 'Benchmark' and 'The Building control notification'.

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‘Fantastic service’ Testimonial 13/02/2012

Re: Emergency callout on monday morning

Hi Simon ,
Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic service you gave us today . At short notice, too.
we'll definitely be using and recommending you in the future.

many thanks
Karen & Phil


PHAM news front page!

Who'd have thought our little blog would get a mention on the front page of PHAM news. The news of Tesco entering the domestic boiler market should send shock waves through the industry. As a business they are very very successful and the way they run their business is a world away from the small family firms that provide this service at the moment. I'm not keen on the spread of Tesco or any other major supermarket as I see it as the death of the independent shops/businesses.

Worcester, who have no direct relationship with Tesco, will obviously welcome the initial monopoly. It's not everyday the biggest supermarket in the land endorses your products (most of which are good). I don't think that Tesco are in it for the greener cleaner more efficient heating systems for peoples homes aspect. I think they are in it for volume sales and the possibility of financing any credit needed. Worcester will get volume sales and exposure. The ultimate cost of this link up will become apparent in the coming months and years.



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digital flue analysers

Any Gas Engineer without the CPA1 (analysers) accreditation by 01/04/2012 will have their Gas registration suspended immediately.

At Swann Plumbing we have had this accreditation for 3.5 yrs now (ahead of time) and therefore have been keeping customers safer for far longer. There is NO compromise with regards to Safety (especially Gas). The digital analyser allows engineers to actually decipher the exhaust gas composition and declare whether a boiler is burning correctly and is safe or not


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Viessmann 100 Failure

Viessmann 100 combi boiler was failing to go over to CH (heating) even though the room thermostat was calling for heat! Hot water was okay but heating failed until the honeywell controller was turned off then turned on again. Once reset, the Ch worked without fail. The cause of the problem was not the batteries in the controller, but the controller itself! Once replaced this programmer didn't pose a problem. all good and the customer advised.

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Worcester Bosch catastrophic Failure after 7 yrs

A little CBI (the precursor of the well known Ri range, had a serious leak on the right hand side of the heat exchanger due to a 'Weld'  giving way on the upper side of the heat exchanger. Usually these models suffer from pinpoint corrosion on the heat exchanger from the baffle plate. Worcester boilers should last a hell of a lot longer! my ethos is, if you cant get a Viessmann or Vaillant then get a Worcester still holds true.  This boiler should last at least a decade if not more. if it's got 'Ideal' on the cover and its 7yrs old then fully expect a new boiler!!! A new Worcester Ri 24 condensing boiler should last you 12-15yrs.

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