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Boiler Dies in Herne Bay.

Just 5 & a half years after 'eaga' fitted the small 'Ideal Isor' (eye-sore!) boiler. it has died! water pouring from everywhere, the casualties include the fan, PCB, flue gasket, various other gaskets & pump! ooopps! sadly this is a story told too many times when a cheap boiler has been installed. the difference between a good boiler (usually more expensive - with the exception of Keston, which are expensive but rubbish!) and a cheap one is simple. the good one should be around for between 12-25yrs, the cheap boilers wil usually perish at around 5-8yrs (although this is partly due to the failure of regular servicing but unfortunately the component quality is sadly deficient in general). with servicing this boiler may have lasted twice as long but it was not to be. all the best boilers seem to be of german origin such as Viessmann, Vaillant & Bosch (Worcester Cdi range and up), so it is sad to see something with a made in Britain badge on it, being thrown in the bin after such a short time.

glad we dont fit them.

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