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Heatrae Sadia – Megaflo

Our customer requested that we move them from a gravity based system with loft tanks and cylinder to a mains fed system thus giving much higher pressure hot water by means of an unvented cylinder otherwise known as "MEGALFLO" (said in deep echoing voice to add a bit of excitement)

This meant that the loft tanks could be removed and only the cylinder remained enabling it to be sited anywhere in the house. The customer chose the loft, this unit can create 22 litres of hot water a minute (double the output of an average combi). The megaflo is super efficient as it loses less that 1KW of heat in 24 hours. To complete the system we installed a Worcester Bosch cdi boiler and connected this to the megaflo.

The Megaflo

The megaflo lives in the loft creating 22 litres of mains pressure hot water