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Who are we to you? – clarity for our brand

Customers who call us out for a leaky pipe or a broken toilet are often unaware that we could also service their boiler or install a solar panel for them. Vica versa those who call us out for a boiler service or landlord certificate, that we could fit a shower or install a water tank. So how best to project all our talents? We could chat to each customer about all the services on offer while doing a job for them but who wants a sales pitch when your having a combi service? Leaflets? E-mails? We dont like getting any of these things so we assume you don't either.

Time for a rethink and a bit of rebranding. Swann Plumbing Services has been changed to Swann Plumbing & Heating as this is more reflective of our range of business. Our logo also needed looking at. The blue logo has served us well but it focuses on water, it is also rectangular in shape which makes it slightly more awkward to integrate into web pages and paperwork.

Swann plumbing Services

the good old blue swooshes

The new logo is meant to represent all aspects of the business. A droplet of water for plumbing, A droplet of oil for fuel, gas, oil & LPG. A leaf for renewables, solar panels, air & ground source heat pumps, biomass. All under one roof.

Swann Plumbing & Heating

water fuel and renewables all under one roof

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Sure stop – a different kind of stop cock.

Over the years we have been called out to a number of customers with leaks who did not know where their stop cock was, or some that knew the location but could not turn it because it had seized. Large leaks are stressful and can cause a lot of damage very quickly, that is why we like Sure Stop

Sure Stop say "The Surestop remote water switch consists of a valve which connects directly into the water supply, alongside your existing stop cock. This valve is connected to the remote switch with two metres of flexible tubing. Once installed you simply press the switch to turn the water supply on or off. The Surestop is powered by water pressure and requires no electricity or batteries."

We think this product is great, it is basically a big blue switch that stops the water, easy. If you wuld like us to fit one for you get in contact through our main site


Who We Are

Swann Plumbing Services is a small family run plumbing and heating business situated in Whitstable, Kent. We specialise in boiler installations and servicing. We are also very experienced in dealing with range cooker breakdowns and servicing but we undertake all plumbing works. Our experience has taught us that cheap materials can be a false economy therefore we recommend high quality efficient products to our customers which perform better and last longer.

We like to go the extra mile to provide our customers with as much information as possible so they can make an informed choice without obligation. We can tailor any installation to suit your budget so whether it be a leaky tap, new boiler or a solar panel we are here to help.

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